Richard McDermott

Richard McDermott  Interim Chairman

Dr. Richard McDermott earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University, England in 1974 at age 25 and emigrated to the US in 1975. He purchased his first business from WR Grace in 1981. A self-described serial entrepreneur, McDermott has owned 30 businesses over the last 33 years. He acquired SignaKey four years ago and it now has facilities in Michigan, Arizona, Massachusetts, Alton UK and Zug, Switzerland.

McDermott joined the Board of ECC Corporation (ECCC) in 2013.   In 2014 he was elected to the office of Treasurer.   In late 2014 he was appointed Interim President after the previous President left the organization. In spring of 2015 he was elected President of ECCC and shortly thereafter elected to Council of USNC.   McDermott had a key role in developing and promoting e-Labelling and writing the new IECQ AP Specification. In spring 2016 he was appointed Interim Chairman of USNC IECQ after the previous office holder left the organization.